Day 16 of 21

Super shake for breakfast, and both girls back to school today, so an ‘early’ start 🙂

Off to coffee at Gloria Jeans for morning catchup, yummy Tandoori Chicken Salad from Liv-Eat for lunch, another coffee for afternoon tea, and chicken, spinach and feta parcels with salad for dinner.

May still get to gym, but better go soon if I do!

Day 15 of 21

Super Shake for breakfast, and Charlotte back at school today after holidays.

Chicken and salad sandwich for lunch, and battered fish, prawns and salad for dinner.

Went to gym, did running and 5km on the bike as well.

Weighed in this morning, and down to 82.1kg, which was a loss of 100g from last week. Not too surprised after the weekend I had!

Day 14 of 21

Late Sunday breakfast at Cafe Culture today – fruit toast (with butter and honey) with a side of bacon and tomatoes, along with two coffees 🙂

Roast chicken, salami, semi-dried tomatoes and baby spinach on rolls for dinner, along with a couple of cups of tea.

No exercise today.

Day 13 of 21

Shake for breakfast, and had to get ready for St John Ambulance duty at Aurora Stadium. Got a chicken & salad sandwich from Trevallyn bakery, and also had a few jelly beans and Starburst babies (thanks Bindi and Ebony!) at the duty.

The two eldest kids stayed over at Grandma and Grandpas, so just a nice relaxing night for Claudine and I, with Olivia. A couple of glasses of wine, along with some delicious pizzas from Italian Pizza House!

No exercise today, though 🙂

Day 12 of 21

Had a Super Shake for brekky, and managed to get to gym today! Felt great afterwards.

Sandwich today, plus my usual two bottles of water.

Went out tonight for social drinks with BNI, so I did have some ‘party’ food – the usual fare 🙂 Oh, and a couple of Coronas!

Day 11 of 21

Super Breakfast shake for brekky this morning, and chicken drumsticks for lunch.

I did have 3/4 of a piece of chocolate & walnut brownie today, as we did our usual Thursday catch-up with the Nappy Gang.

A few cups of tea again, and a couple of bottles of water.

Lamb kebabs with haloumi and cherry tomatoes, on a bed of cous cous, for dinner.

Will try to go to gym after I get home from work!

Day 10 of 21

Had BNI this morning, so the usual bacon, hash brown and tomato were on offer 🙂

Nice lunch from Mike’s Country Kitchen in Brisbane Arcade – pork and salad sandwich! I did have quite a few cups of tea today, but also drank 3 bottles of water.

Chicken drumsticks on rice for dinner (late) after coming home from St John Ambulance training up at the LGH. Practiced delivering a baby 🙂

No exercise today, other than walking in and back home again.

No junk food! This was particularly hard, as Claudine was baking a white chocolate mud cake, so the smell in our house was delicious 🙂

Day 9 of 21

Got to gym earlier today, which was a nice change! Also walked to work.

A few bottles of water, and only three cups of tea. Super Shake for breakfast, salad sandwich for lunch and pork spare ribs for dinner 🙂

No junk food!

Day 8 of 21

Super Food Shake for breakfast, and walked to work today.

Weighed in at 82.1kg, a loss of 1.1kg 🙂

Did get some walking done at lunch, but got rained out!!

Three bottles of water, two cups of tea, and a Cajun chicken salad sandwich today 🙂

Day 7 of 21

Busy day today, as we started our ‘sandpit’ project in the back yard. That was hard yakka, and counts for my exercise today! We’re clearing a big patch of the yard at the back, to put a great sandpit there for the kids, with some railway sleepers etc. I’ll post some pics as we go along.

We also had some visitors drop in Sunday afternoon – one of Ruby’s friends from school, with her family. I whipped up some yummy scones, with butter and strawberry jam 🙂

Didn’t get to gym today, but seriously, digging out in the back yard was hard work.

Probably 5 cups of tea today, but overall pretty good 🙂